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Alpha Pro Steel Makers is a construction company that specializes in roofing. As a roofing contractor in the Philippines, we provide the materials and the services needed in order for a roofing system to be established.

We dedicate ourselves into offering exemplary service provided with the highest quality of materials. Together with our team of “lateros” (tinkers), we ensure that your roofing system is built with the best protection from the scorching hot sun or the torrential rains.

Roofing Contractor or Roofer (NOUN – /ˈrufə/) – a worker that specializes in constructing or building roofing systems.


Commercial and Residential Roofing Installers

Are you in need of a roofing contractor for your next roofing project? Talk with us and get your quotation for your project for free. Experience fast delivery of supplies and quick roofing installation. With our group of lateros, you are guaranteed to have a weather-proof roofing system for your structure.

List of Roofing Services Offered

  • Roofing Supplies with Delivery
  • Roofing Installation
  • Roofing Replacement
  • Spandrel or Soffit Installation
  • Project Quotation
  • Roof Truss Provider
  • Flashing Installation
  • Roof Gutters Installation

Improve your Knowledge Base – Check out our Blogs about Roofing

We publish blogs about roofing in the Philippines from time to time. Some of them involves selecting a roofing installer, picking out the right materials and how to install roofing materials and so on. These posts aim to provide general know-hows on the current industry of roofing in the Philippines.

Part of our advocacy in being a roofing installer is to educate end-users on the current stand on roofing in the Philippines. If you have any concern with the technicalities or prices, feel free to contact us.


Stainless Roof Gutters

What are Stainless Roof Gutters? The image you see is an example of a stainless roof gutter. In layman’s term, its stainless steel shaped into a roof gutter. They are used in your roofing system and plays a vital role in preserving the foundation of your home. Their...

Buying Spandrel

Where Can I Buy Spandrel in the Philippines? If your looking for somewhere to buy metal spandrel in the Philippines, it is best to look at roofing suppliers. The most common material used in spandrels is steel and these suppliers often deal with the same type of...

Corrugated Roof

Definition of Corrugated Roofs Corrugated roof is a roofing profile when it comes to galvanized color roofing. Their design in a way similar to a “wave-like” structure. They offer an alternative design to roofing when compared to rib-type and tile span profiles. One...

Rib Type Roof

What are Rib Type Roofs Rib type roof is a popular roofing profile when it comes to metal color roofing. Due to their long effective width, they offer cost-effective solutions to roofing systems. The term ‘rib’ is derived from having the metal sheet bended similar to...

Hire a Roofing Contractor

Roofing Contractors Explored Roofing contractor is a type of subcontractor that specializes in roofing. They mostly deal with installing different kinds of roofing systems around the community. Moreover, these companies hire roofers as someone who does the actual work...

How Much Does Roof Installers Cost in 2018?

Cost of Roof Installers In this blog post, we discuss the usual cost of roof installers in the Philippines. We aim to write about this information to relay a general idea of cost when it comes down to roofing. We have compiled our data from the numerous experience and...

Definition of Latero

Meaning of Latero A latero is the Tagalog term for tinker. To be definite, a tinker or a tinsmith is a person whose expertise is handling light metals. They specializes in bending or manipulating light based metal as to repair or create something new. Moreover when we...

Yero Buying Guide in the Philippines

In this informative post we discuss our yero price and provide a buying guide for those who are confused when purchasing yero. The table below summarizes the current price we have on color roofing or commonly known as “yero”.  Note that these prices can change due to...

Roof Truss – Definition, Types and Importance

In this article, we will discuss the various types, components and importance of roof truss in building construction. What is a Roof Truss? In Structural Engineering, the name “truss” describes a triangular design. A joint framed structure that sustained...

Roofing Designs – Principles of Roofing Designs in the Philippines

In this article, the topic will revolve around the different roofing designs that are commonly applied in a housing project. The manner of how the roof is designed does not only revolved around on aesthetic advantages but also relates to the functional aspect....



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